No such thing as an “overnight success”


My success happens over nights.

That’s not a spelling error and I don’t mean it happens over one night.

I mean that my success is cultivated over many nights where the urge to relax or go to sleep pulls at me and yet, I choose to empower my ambition instead of giving in to leisure.

Through many evenings and late nights, when others go home, and mentally check out of building their dream, I stay consistent.

I stay faithful to my ‘Why’ of retiring my parents, and not just to retire them with enough money to survive. But so they could live like they’ve never dreamed of living!


Find your “Why”

You see, my parents came to the United States more than 20 years ago as political refugees. With great risk, 7 children, and a small amount of money in their pockets. They were determined to give us a better life than what we would get back in the Soviet Union.

My parents put every second of every day into caring for us, making sure we had everything we needed, and raising us to walk with Jesus. After these two angels raised us into teenagers, they opened up a business so that they could provide for us on another level.

When I think about my selfless parents, working 7 days a week, nearing the age of sixty, doing manual labor that I myself couldn’t fathom, it pisses me off and it breaks my heart. Yet they continued to pour into this business so that we may be fed, and have comfortable lives.

I told myself that I was doing all I could to advance and become independent, while neglecting the fact that they worked tirelessly for me. I’ve always had a fear of taking action, so I was talking, and never doing.

I wanted to be more like them, selfless. But in order to be selfless, you must think about yourself… less try to visit indoor playground mesa az attend classes.


Start tonight

The more I thought about them, the more it created a burning desire in my heart to achieve my goal of retiring them. I know that I will achieve such a thing because it is bigger than me and because I have set my goal with such determination.

I know that the universe will conspire with me to remove obstacles and allow me to reach my goal. Visit website. The law of attraction is on my side, whatever I will focus on with all my heart, and enforce with all my effort, so shall it become.

So when I am tired, working long days, and I begin to think, “Why should I have to stay longer than others? Why should I work while others have fun?” I remember that it’s because I will achieve greater things than others.

My “overnight success” becomes real the morning I tell my parents they never have to lift a finger again, if they choose not to.

To me, it has already happened, because I must see it in my mind before I can achieve it with my works.

Today I challenge you to create a meaningful ‘Why’, and to not let any fear or obstacle get in the way of achieving your goal. I challenge you to give credit and glory where it’s due, and to start your journey to “overnight success”, tonight.

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